Chlamydia Symptoms in Men – Detection and Treatment


Chlamydia is a type of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) brought about by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. The complete amount of infected individuals is probably higher, because so a lot of do not manifest the symptoms of this illness.


Inch. Chlamydia symptoms in men is comparatively easy to treat. However, it’s challenging to diagnose specially in men. Approximately 50% of infected men do not show the symptoms of the disease and also are not being regularly tested for Chlamydia. Furthermore, 75 per cent of women do not reveal indications that’s why the disorder is easily transmitted to unsuspecting partners. In infrequent instances, infected men can become sterile, in addition to possess other complications such as arthritis when Chlamydia isn’t diagnosed and given proper therapy.


2. The tip of the penis may be sore and red. If the illness is acquired through anal sex, then the rectum may bleed or cause a discharge, as well as feel a burning sensation. When acquired through oralsex, it may lead to a red and sore throat. Symptoms can occur one to three weeks later grabbing the disease. Symptoms caused by hepatitis and hepatitis Chlamydia that’s spread through the person’s body could include skin rash, and arthritis, and eye disease and redness (conjunctivitis). Going to choose STD practices helps prevent the probability of passing the disorder to others as well as getting early treatment for this disease.


3. Like prevention from almost any other STD, abstinence remains the very best means to stop it. Also, having intercourse with only one partner who will not need Chlamydia is also a preventative step. Condoms can help in reducing the probability of illness, however, they’re not 100 per cent effective. Throughout oral sex, use of dental dams are a big help. These are smallplastic sheets which dentists use for teeth. Using condoms during anal sex would also avert infection. For individuals diagnosed with Chlamydia, single-dose or taking antibiotics for a week may cure the infection.


4. Untreated Chlamydia in men may contribute to Reiter’s syndrome, and it is a blend of disorders. Reiter’s additionally causes rash that look like small, hard lumps in the foot soles or palms, or small, pointed sores situated on the manhood. In addition, it can cause inflammation of the prostate gland and cardiovascular issues. Reiter’s syndrome occurs rarely and more men are affected than women.


5. The epididymis is the tube within the scrotum near the testicles and is where the sperm mature and are kept before ejaculation. Epididymitis causes swelling and swelling in the scrotum in addition to fever. Chlamydia infection is probably the most common culprit that causes epididymitis in men under 35 years old.

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