Natural Hair Relaxers – What They Entail


Natural hair relaxers are available in creams or lotion form, and used to loosen up hair curls. A person will experience soft and manageable hair after using these natural hair relaxers products. It is a practice that has been adopted by many people regardless of the gender, who understand the magic works done by these products.

Immediately the natural hair relaxers product is introduced to the hair, the natural relaxers will help relax the hair in a natural way. This is opposed to the chemical products, which at most of the time, present a positive result but at a costly fee relax cream. Natural hair relaxers also present an additional advantage which is, chances of a person getting his or her damaged equals to zero. This is due to the fact that, there are no harsh chemicals present in them as opposed to chemical hair products. The result likely to be obtained when using natural hair relaxers is slow but worth waiting for. It is also important to note that there are available natural hair relaxers products currently available in beauty shops and salons. In case one is unable to purchase one, he or she can easily make a home made natural relaxers products, from the available recipes.

One of the relaxers products is olive oil. It is believed to be the best natural product one can use to relax the hair. For a person to make the best relaxers from olive oil, he or she will need to have followed this process. First and foremost, in need to have a quarter cup of heated olive oil. The heated oil should then be applied to the hair, covering the entire hair from the length to the mane. From here, wrap a warm towel over the hair for some time. Remove the towel and blow dry it for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not wash the hair till close to 2 hours have elapsed. A person is likely to experience a soft smooth hair after using this recipe as a relaxer tool.

Another ingredient is coconut cream. It is the most known natural product available. In order to achieve the best result, take four table spoon coconut creams, two spoons of coconut oil in addition to 12oz of yogurt. The yogurt used should be fat and sugar free. Melt the recommended amount of coconut ream and oil in two different boilers. Immediately the melting process is complete, introduce the mixture to the hair. Apply from roots towards the tip of the hair direction. This natural hair relaxers product should be washed an hour later.

Another item to add onto relaxers ingredient is milk. All a person will be required to do is spray the milk components in the entire hair. In order to get remarkable result, make sure that, the milk ingredient sprayed, covers all locks of the hair. Wash off after about an hour. It is a cheap but effective natural hair relaxers ingredient.

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