Adventure Travel in Portugal


Having its varied and breathtaking landscapes, Portugal is ideal for those seeking adventure in the wonderful outdoors. There Are Various exciting places to choose from, but here are a Number of the best areas of this nation that are the Great All-natural playground for any prospective adventurer or adrenaline seeker:

Its mountain and National Park of the Serra da Estrella is really a sanctuary for skiers and boarders in the winter and winter hikers through the summertime. This really is Portugal’s just ski hotel plus really is a tiny hotel, ideal for beginners. In summer months, Serra da Estrella may be the perfect location for both mountaineers and sailors, who like climbing the rocky peak and researching the 357km of paths across the Serra da Estrella Nature Park. Rock climbing can be a favorite hobby . The ski spots turned into a downhill mountain biking hotel within the summer months. Within just the character park you can also delight in kayaking on spectacular lakes and rivers, go river rafting on a raft you may build your self, or even enjoy a spot of swimming Pestana Troia.


This vast region of Portugal comprises not one but 3 nature parks. Its unspoiled farmland, vineyards and cities are little seen by holidaymakers. Little do the masses understand they’re missing out on a beautiful venture away from the beaten path. Why not increase or bike across this region, on the shore and inland. You are able to create your own personal way or combine a trip. For a different standpoint and a bit of a summary, why not require a hot air balloon ride? Still another means to go around is to holiday, over the riding holidaydestination. Alternatively, you could take into the water of those shore or shore for a relaxing or holiday experience. In the shore, discover why this location is therefore beloved of surfers.

Arrabida Character Park, Near Lisbon:

This coastal style park is found just one hour or so south of Lisbon to a rugged stretch of coastline where by the Sado lake matches the crazy Atlantic. You can find breathtaking waterfalls of over 300m, caves and a scene ruled by unspoiled limestone hills rising high above the coast that are coated with a patchwork of farm fields, historic and subtropical scrub land. Right here you can hike through this subtropical landscape, or try something slightly bit more adventuresome such as mountain biking, for which this hilly area is absolutely satisfied to Many adventurers are going to love rock climbing and abseiling about the magnificent waterfalls. You are able to also have a kayak tour to explore the remote beaches of this coast, and research caves full of bats. Move paragliding around the shore or up from the mountains, or explore the undersea world just off the coast using a diving expedition.

This region is package-holiday season. The beautiful beaches are mostly notably marred by the over-development as well as the audiences from the summertime. You may discover a lot of individuals within this place that come only for sunlight, sand and surf and also have no interest in truly doing or seeing any such thing whilst on holiday. On the flip side, you will also find those that are attracted here to try out a range of activities and active experiences within this mild and sun-blessed area. Here you can engage in pretty much every kind of outdoor game along with adrenaline task conceivable.

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